Great for long distance with NO minimum usage requirements

TeleDias offers a complete package of long distance services with state-to-state rates as low as 5.9¢** per minute and very competitive instate rates.

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All of this with the customer service you expect and demand

from a carrier you can depend on today, as well as tomorrow.


call long distance

TeleDias offers great rates to the rest of the world, too!

The distance seems shorter when we're in touch with our friends or family. That's why TeleDias offers great international rates, so you can call anytime ~~ anywhere!.

  1. Argentina - Buenos Aires 10¢ /min
  2. Colombia 15¢ /min
  3. Ecuador 29¢ /min
  4. Honduras 46¢ /min
  5. Mexico 10¢ /min
Chart of long distance consumption

TeleDias also offers great rates to the rest of the world.

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